neda ismail atar

Industrial Form Series

Industrial Form series reflects the technological side of our lives, which according to Atar symbolizes the contemporary world. The artist emphasizes the fact that mass-produced objects that are planned and brought to use, reach their consumers worldwide and this abundance is an object bombardment that surrounds men.
Neda İsmail Atar bases his works on the notion of industry, which shapes today and shaped the previous century. The artist points out the inevitable effects of the objects that shape life and social values, on art in general and sculpture in particular.
All the technical improvements in the course of history not only changed the ways in which art was produced but they also changed the stories told by people by changing their lives. With the industrial revolution, art, which has been under the patronage of the ruling class until some centuries ago, has gotten the chance to liberate. At this point the artist points out that art of today, which has acquired new ways of expression through progressive standards of living and technical means enabled by technology, contains many different aesthetical dimensions within itself.
According to the artist, the starting point of his works is the perception of usefulness created by many objects, which surround the human beings and belong to slightly different categories. In his works he choses to make use of the explicit codes in the figural qualities of objects
designed according to functional anticipations.
In his Industrial Form series, Atar composes his sculptures, which look like machine parts,
using current production utilities, materials and mass-produced units in a repetitive way. In his sculptures, the artist wants to emphasize the functionality and reproducibility of design objects, comparing them to art objects that are useless and unique.