neda ismail atar

Anti-tuning Series

The anti-tuning serial invites us to wake up from our dreams by revealing the fact that how much fragile and susceptive to coming naught the faultlessness and perfection promise given to us by the high-tech consumption objects are. As it is known, “tuning” which means vehicle modification is an activity is not only contented with the performance and the quality presented to us by technology but also it aims to produce more impeccable and customized object. However, we know that the cycle of the hair-raising speed of the consumption society transforms the products into an old, out-fashioned, invalid and worthless condition by programming the temporariness and ageing factor of the fashion into the bodies of the products themselves. In that sense, we can say that the technology also modifies itself backwardly through aging, wearing and becoming faulty. Therefore, the individual who is confined between the promises such as faultlessness, perfection, youth, newness, dynamism, perfection, and pleasure, and on the other side, the nerve-racking wait of knowing the fact that this perfection will be lost in a short time and leave its place to aging and wearing down becomes the slave of continuous consumption to be able to rehabilitate the situation. Therefore, in the “anti-tuning” serial, the artist presents us the aging and disease symptoms of the technology by playing with the flawless surfaces of the technology and by ruining their perfections. The automobiles which have become fetish objects confront us in a way that their “appearance has been spoiled”, with the signs of disease, withering and aging, and even with the signs of operations (stiches), in a way that their original conditions have become deformed.